Foundations in Biochemistry

Learn the basic concepts you need to build a solid foundation in Biochemistry | taught by Dr. Jeelan Moghraby
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Dr. Jeelan Moghraby
Dr. Jeelan Moghraby
Assistant Professor & Course Creator

About the Instructor

Over my years of teaching, I have seen a lot of students struggle with the basic concepts of the four main types of macromolecules that are found in cells. I have seen many misconceptions, and assumptions made that it is too hard to learn fast.

So I have created this mini course to save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way.

With my passion of teaching science, and your motivation to learn, I will help you reach your goal to understand the key aspects of macromolecules and be able to apply that knowledge with confidence.

P.S. Contact me at if you have any questions.

This course is designed as a general introduction to the foundations of Biochemistry. We will start by studying the biological macromolecule, concentrating on proteins, as well as the basic concepts of metabolism, before moving on to bioenergetics.

The course contains:

  • Focused Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Lecture Notes
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Quizzes with In-Depth Explanations
  • Full Access for 12 Months
  • Access to the Exclusive MondoScience Community Group

You cannot start to learn any topics in Biochemistry without first learning and understanding the key foundation topics covered here. The knowledge you will gain from this course will enable you to move onto more complex topics in Biochemistry with confidence.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Course Contents

13 Videos
6 Texts
26 PDFs
4.0 hrs

Course Curriculum